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Stonefly Release Date Revealed

courtesy of Flight School Studio

Stonefly, an Adventure RPG game with beautiful illustrations, has announced its official launched date to be June 1.

The exciting news was delivered by one of the developers through Twitter. Stonefly is eye-catching right away because of its unique art style of nature that is colorful and aesthetic. Other than the visuals, the premise of the game is also notable.

Annika is a brilliant inventor who creates a Stonefly robot that is used for combat. As the adventure in the wilderness continues, players will walk with Annika through her heartwarming journey of discovering her self-identity.

courtesy of Flight School Studio

The main avatar that will be controlled is Annika's Stonefly. From what we have been given, we know that players will be able to customize it and upgrade its features by collecting materials in the RPG open world. Players will be able to create their own Stoneflies as Annika. More information about the gameplay can be found in the official trailer.

Stonefly will be launching on various platforms:

  • PC: Steam and Epic Games Store
  • PS4, PS5
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X
  • Nintendo Switch

Early access or pre-ordering is not available for the game, thus people eager to play Stonefly will be waiting until June 1 to purchase the game.