Stranger Things Dead by Daylight Return Rumors Explained

Behaviour Interactive

Stranger Things officially left the Dead by Daylight universe in 2021, giving fans a sour taste in their mouth. The beloved series had quite an impact on the game including two survivors, a killer, and a map. While the killer and two survivors were left in the game, and certain perks reworded to share no link to the Stranger Things series, the map was removed from the game entirely.

Then rumors of a return to Hawkins Labs were on the horizon and Stranger Things Day had a lot of hype surrounding it. Even other franchises like Fortnite were seeing crossovers so everyone thought an eventual return was inevitable.

Stranger Things Dead by Daylight Return Rumors Explained

Alas, Stranger Things Day came and went with no talk about a Dead by Daylight crossover. And the secret game was actually a new VR game inside the Stranger Things universe. Now multiple leaks over the year have hinted toward a return to Hawkins, but a few of them have already been busted with dates or content.

Some promised a drop during Q3, but so far, none of them have come true. But other reliable leakers say that the data is true, but Behaviour Interactive is still working on a licensing deal and the content will be delayed until 2023.

The hardest part of the rumor is the most reliable leaker has gone all in on this leak confirming that Stranger Things will make a return. And this same leaker was correct on their Wesker leak, and has even been vouched for by DbD leaks, a reliable dataminer. So either the content has been pushed back to line up more closley with the release of Season 5 or the leaker got this one wrong. Either way, we have more than a year until this new chapter could ever release.