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Stranger Things Leaving Dead by Daylight in November

Stranger Things DLC will be leaving the store in November.
Stranger Things DLC will be leaving the store in November. / Photo courtesy of Behavior Interactive

Dead by Daylight's Stranger Things DLC will be leaving the store in November.

The hit Netflix show, Stranger Things, has been a part of Dead by Daylight's DLC roster since the release of the 13th Chapter in 2019. Now, Behavior Interactive have announced that the content will no longer be available to purchase from Nov. 17 on.

Behavior Interactive haven't specified why the content will be unavailable later this year, but we can likely assume this is due to licensing issues. Licensed characters can be described as a 'ticking time-bomb' for most video games, with collaborations only existing for a limited period. Developers usually have a chance to renegotiate the contract, but, depending on the popularity of the IP, it can often be a difficult deal.

Can You Still Purchase Stranger Things in Dead by Daylight?

Up until its removal on Nov. 17, players can still purchase most of the content for the Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things DLC. Characters, including Nancy, Steve, and the Demogorgon, will all be available to purchase. Any content bought prior to the removal of the DLC, including any already owned, will continue to be available for players to use in-game. The exception to this is the Hawkins National Laboratory map, which will be removed from the game completely.

There is some good news for players, though. Behavior Interactive have announced that all Stranger Things characters will be available to purchase for half price via the store. Cosmetics for all three characters will also be on sale for a discounted price. The sale is available until Sep. 8 on all platforms.