Stranger Things skins Fortnite have leaked ahead of the crossover event's intended start time, giving players a preview of what they can expect when the event goes live. Here's what the leaks have revealed so far.

Stranger Things Skins Fortnite Leak Ahead of Crossover Event

Two skins from the Fortnite and "Stranger Things" crossover event made it online Thursday as a result of data mining. The skins represent opposite sides of the Netflix shows main conflict: One a good guy, the other bad.

The good guy is chief of police Jim Hopper, played in the show by David Harbour. His Fortnite skin shows him in full police uniform with a few extra shotgun shells wrapped around his thigh.

The bad guy is less a guy than a monster, as the Demogorgon makes its appearance in Fortnite. The skin's animations show it both with its mouth closed and open, revealing the horrifying face underneath.

These skins and the event itself are expected to arrive in Fortnite at some point this week.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games