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Stranger Things Smite Skins Announced

Skins featuring popular Stranger Things characters will be arriving in Smite
Skins featuring popular Stranger Things characters will be arriving in Smite / Photo by Hi-Rez Studios, Netflix

The Stranger Things Smite crossover was officially announced during the Summer Game Fest 2021, with characters from the popular sci-fi Netflix show making an appearance in the MOBA through character skins. The announcement itself was also a part of a collaboration with Netflix Geeked, among many other video game related content, like League of Legends Arcane, the Cuphead show, and a new animated series based on a Far Cry 3 DLC.

Stranger Things Smite Skins Announced

The Stranger Things skins will feature a Demogorgon skin for Bakasura, an Eleven skin for Scylla, a Hopper skin for Apollo, and a Mind Flayer skin for Sylvanus. The Eleven and Hopper skins will also feature additional variants for the prestige track.

The four skins will be released in July, although the price for the skins hasn't been announced yet. This isn't the first time Smite has collaborated with other shows, as in the past they've had partnerships with Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and RWBY. Some folks might be surprised at the Stranger Things collab in part because the show is so popular, but also because it differs from the previous three in the fact that Strange Things is a live-action television series, and not animated. However, it doesn't seem like that has stopped Netflix and Hi-Rez Studios from working together, and fans of both are sure to be happy when the skins are finally available in July.