Stray is Getting a Movie Adaptation

Stray / BlueTwelve Studio

Stray captivated a broad audience of cat lovers and became many people's favorite title of 2022. It has been over a year since the award-winning video game came out. According to Entertainment Weekly, it will receive the movie adaptation treatment.

For those who may not know, here's some background information about the game. BlueTwelve Studio's Stray lets players control a lost ginger cat traveling through a decaying cybercity to reunite with its feline family. Flesh-eating mutant bacteria called Zurks lurk in the futuristic city. Luckily, robot inhabitants and a drone companion named B-12 help the cat escape along the way.

Stray is Getting a Movie Adaptation

There's no confirmed date for when the Stray movie will come out. A time frame for release hasn't been announced, either. As of writing, all we know is Annapurna Animation, the studio that made Nimona, will create the movie.

Annapurna Animation won't stop video game movie adaptations with Stray. The studio plans to adapt more titles from Annapurna Interactive, the gaming branch of the studio and publisher of the cat game. Annapurna Animation intends to do the same with Twelve Minutes, Florence, If Found..., The Pathless and Ashen, and Journey.

Of course, no solidified dates on when those titles will go to theaters exist. We may hear more news about the other games once Stray's production is completed.

Stray Movie Release Date

A release date has not been confirmed for the Stray movie adaptation.