Stray Release Date Announced

Stray Official Trailer
Stray Official Trailer / BlueTwelve Studio

Stray's official release date has been announced by developer BlueTwelve Studio.

There's been much hype about the upcoming PlayStation exclusive Stray, in which the player puts themselves in the paws of a small tabby cat, tasked with exploring a vast futuristic cyberpunk city as it solves mysteries and searches for its missing family.

Stray's Release Date Announcement

Sony revealed additional gameplay for the game at its State of Play event alongside an official release date planned for July 19, 2022. This release date was discussed further in a blog post by BlueTwelve Studio. The game will be released for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The event also revealed that Stray would be available on PlayStation Plus upon launch, and members of the "extra" tier and above will have immediate access to the game.

The blog post states that Stray has had a seven-year development period, and the detail put into creating a believable, interactive cat that's described in the post can definitely be seen in the game's trailers. Although many details about the game are still unknown, trailers and teasers have revealed an incredibly detailed cityscape, that players will get to see from a unique perspective as they use the cat's impressive range of motion to explore alongside a small robot also revealed in the trailer.

The blog post, written by the game's producer Swann Martin-Raget, states "[BlueTwelve Studio's] journey as a small team crafting our very first game is finally reaching its end goal, and we all can’t wait to find out how players will react to exploring this unique world and engaging with its colorful inhabitants on July 19."