Stream Sniping PUBG: Player Banned During Shroud's Stream

Stream Sniping in PUBG is a common theme for popular streamers, especially for streamers as popular as Michael "shroud" Grzesiek. The man is famous for dealing with stream snipers and has even created relationships with a few.

During a recent PUBG match, a stream sniper who had presumably annoyed shroud all day suddenly disappeared during the middle of a match. Shroud was quick to share his feelings. “He got banned. That guy got banned...That’s what you get. He literally left the last game to get into this game.”

Stream Sniping PUBG

It's pretty incredible to see how quickly PUBG Corp reacted to a stream sniper, and shroud was pleasantly surprised.

PUBG wants to keep its players happy and shroud most of all. As soon as he logs onto PUBG, he has close to 50,000 viewers watching with him as well. He single handily puts PUBG toward the top of the "Most Watched" tier on Twitch.

At the end of the day, all types of streamers have to deal with stream snipers, just some have to deal with them more than others.

Photo courtesy of DreamHack