Streamer Builds Apex Legends Controller Out of Mannequin Leg

Rudeism built a mannequin leg controller for Apex Legends
Rudeism built a mannequin leg controller for Apex Legends /

Gamers love a bonkers controller. Dark Souls played with the Rock Band drums, Skyrim with a potato, and now Apex Legends with a mannequin leg.

Twitch streamer and Apex Legends fan Rudeism put both his engineering skills and his perseverance to the test recently when he invented a controller for Apex Legends built with a mannequin leg, using both buttons and motion controls to play the game.

Posting a video of him playing with the controller to Reddit on Tuesday has earned him more than 2,500 up votes. It doesn't hurt that he scores a double kill with the incredibly improbable device.

According to Rudeism, there are two thumbsticks for movement and aiming, several buttons for different abilities, one he presses with his shoulder to aim down sights, and an accelerometer for motion controls. He can also activate his character's ultimate ability by removing the leg's shoe.

Rudeism has a history of unusual controllers. Previous hits include playing Overwatch's Widowmaker with a baguette and Symmetra with a toaster.

Photo courtesy of Rudeism