Streamer iitzTimmy Gives His Take on the Best Gun for Gettting Damage Badges

Courtesy of Electronic Arts

While badges don't give players any in-game advantage in Apex Legends, many still collect them as a means of showing off and completing challenges. One of the harder badges to get is the damage badge which requires players to deal 4,000 damage in a single game. For those looking to acquire this badge, famous streamer Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An seems to have found a good way of doing it.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Timmy shows off the high damage dealing possibilities of the Longbow, a long-range rifle. While many players would immediately believe that burst weapons like SMGs or shotguns would be more effective, Timmy puts on a clinic by poking enemies from afar with the Longbow's high damage.

Despite Timmy's success with the Longbow, most players are unlikely to get the same results due to Timmy's incredible aim and positioning. For most players, burst guns are going to give you a better chance of dealing large amounts of damage at close range without having to have incredible aim.

At the end of his game with the Longbow, which he of course won, Timmy had a whopping 4892 damage, nearly 1000 more than what he would have needed to get Bloodhound's Wrath, also known as the 4K Damage Badge. On top of the damage, he killed 16 players and got 19 knocks with only 2 assists.