Street Fighter 6 Logo Draws Comparisons to Stock Image

The Street Fighter 6 logo is on the left; the Adobe Stock image on the right.
The Street Fighter 6 logo is on the left; the Adobe Stock image on the right. / Photo courtesy of Capcom; xcoolee

Street Fighter 6's recently revealed logo has had a rough go of it. Not only have many fans reacted negatively to the change in aesthetic from previous series logos, but it now appears the logo bears a striking resemblance to an Adobe Stock image.

Ars Technica creative director and self-proclaimed "Street Fighter addict" Aurich Lawson first pointed out the similarities via Twitter on Monday.

"The new Street Fighter 6 logo is $80 on Adobe's Stock site," Lawson wrote. "I don't even know what to say. I knew it was generic but I didn't realize it was this bad. They searched for 'SF' on a stock logo site and rounded a couple corners and added the 6. I cannot."

As Lawson says, the image is available with an extended license for $80. It can also be used as an Adobe Illustrator file, making it easy to modify, and it's been used by several different entities, including as the logo for the French science fiction convention SF Connexion.

The creator of the logo, who goes by xcoolee, told IGN they were open to selling the exclusive rights for the image to Capcom, making it unavailable for the other parties who have used it to date. They did not confirm whether Capcom had purchased a license for the image, and Capcom itself has yet to comment on the similarities.

Many Street Fighter fans were disappointed with the logo, revealed alongside Street Fighter 6 itself Monday, for leaving behind the series' typical vibrant text logos for a more modern and grittier aesthetic. It's unclear if the logo is a final product or merely a placeholder.