Streets of Tarkov Map Release Confirmed in Escape from Tarkov Patch 0.13 Trailer

Battlestate Games

The 0.13 Patch trailer was released on Monday, confirming that the first iteration of the long-awaited Streets of Tarkov map will be coming to Escape from Tarkov in the next update.

As has typically been the case with Battlestate Games, unfortunately, no release date for the 0.13 Patch was given just yet.

The two-minute trailer showcases what appears to be in-game footage of the Streets of Tarkov map, something that fans have only seen in images over recent years. From ransacked supermarkets to abandoned offices, the trailer shows off the varying rooms, elevations and sightlines players may very well soon be able to explore.

Aside from some new guns and underbarrel grenade launchers, players are also given a glimpse of an encounter with a rumored new trader, Lightkeeper, in the final seconds of the teaser.

Ultimately, with the annual Escape from Tarkov New Year's Twitch Drops promo set to run from Dec. 29, 2022, to Jan. 7, 2023, those in the community are speculating that the wipe will be coming before then.

It would be odd if Battlestate Games were to give players free stuff just to take them away days later. Additionally, wipes have always taken place days before the start of Twitch Drop campaigns to help alleviate the burden on the servers and queue times.

Streets of Tarkov is set to the ninth-released location in Escape from Tarkov, and has notoriously been in development without an announced release date for the last several years.