Strongest Eevee Evolution in Pokemon GO: What is it?

Pokemon GO features many kinds of Pokemon, including the lovable cast of Eevee and their evolutions. But with the competition between them and high-tier Pokemon, just how do they stack up? And amongst themselves, who is the strongest Eevee evolution in Pokemon GO?

Players should be advised that at the end of the day, “powerful” is subjective, as there’s a lot to take into account when deciding Pokemon to battle with. Priorities are different for every trainer, as playstyle and circumstances vary by trainer. After all, the Eevee evolutions are trumped by more powerful, albeit harder to obtain, Pokemon.

The general consensus surrounding the debate is that Umbreon proves to be the best in the game. This Dark-type boasts deadly stat potential and can sport a max CP of 2445 while having amazing potential in PvP scenarios. 

Strongest Eevee Evolution in Pokemon GO: What is it?

However, "powerful" is truly defined by a player's needs and how they utilize it. Say a player is planning to tackle a lot of Dragon-type Pokemon and does not have access to more powerful Fairy-types such as Gardevoir and Togekiss, Sylveon proves to be the best choice here.

Say a player needs a good Water-type with quite a bit of CP and has no access to more-powerful Pokemon like Gyarados, Vaporeon shines in this case. Just keep in mind that while the Eevee line aren’t the kings of their type pool, they make for cheap, accessible, and reliable choices for players who don't have top-tier Pokemon yet.

Eevee and their entire evolution line are available to breed, evolve, and capture in Pokemon GO.