Suicune Pokemon Go will be available for trainers to catch during a special upcoming raid. Not only that, but players will also be able to encounter a shiny version of the legendary Pokémon in some raids.

Suicune Pokemon Go Raid Announced

According to the Pokémon Go Twitter account, players unlocked the opportunity to go on the Suicune raids as a result of completing Blanche's Global Challenges.

Suicune raids will be available Aug. 17 at p.m. local time. No information has been revealed about how common the shiny Suicune will be, but as the Pokémon is also legendary and only available under specific circumstances, it will likely be a slim chance at best.

Pokémon Go players can currently catch another legendary, Rayquaza, in raids going on around the world. To improve your chances of defeating the fearsome legendary dragon, check out this list of counters.

Photo courtesy of Niantic/The Pokémon Company