Sumail Leaves Quincy Crew After Less Than a Month

The former Evil Geniuses mid player, Syed "Sumail" Hassan, has left the team Quincy Crew after less than a month.

The manager of Quincy Crew, Jack "KBBQ" Chen, announced on Twitter that Sumail had decided to leave the roster in search of another team. Sumail, known to be a world class mid laner during his days with Evil Geniuses, chose to play as a carry player for Quincy Crew, and the team managed to qualify for Dota Summit 11 during Sumail's time on the team.

The move was thought to be strange as Sumail had the opportunity to play on the same team as his brother, Yawar "YawaR" Hassan. While Sumail has left the team, it seems that YawaR is likely to stay. Despite the fact that Sumail played as a position one carry on Quincy Crew, it may only be a matter of time for the king of the mid lane to return to his original position.

Photo courtesy of ESL