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Sundering Glare Makes a Return to Destiny 2

Photo courtesy of Bungie

Sundering Glare is returning to Destiny 2, as a powerful mod, it is returning for Season 18 to create excitement about the recent meta. Here is a rundown of what Sundering is and why players are excited about the return.

Sundering Glare in Destiny 2

Sundering Glare is a mod that costs six to add to your class items. When you shoot enemies in the head from far away does more damage for a few seconds.

Distant Combatants

Any enemy you shoot at a 40m distance will count as a distant combantant

Rapid Precision Hits

The number of precision hits needed varies for each weapon. Each shot must hit within two seconds of the other shot landing and must land on the same target.

Weaken Enemies

When Sundering Glare is active, it takes 20% more damage to the enemy.

Short Duration

The weaken debuff lasts for 12 seconds and has a cooldown of about four seconds.

Players are excited for the return after being able to stack Well of Radiance, Divinity, and Tether. Stacking one of these with Sundering Glare was capable of creating a huge amount of damage. It has not been released if Sundering Glare will make a return with its original capacity or if there were any changes.

How to Get Sundering Glare in Destiny 2

Sundering Glare will be available to purchase soon after the season begins. In the meantime, ensure that your season artifact is leveled up and choose ten perks for the season. You can level up by completing your daily and weekly bounties, participating in activities with a Fireteam, and reviewing the most recent content.