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Super Auto Pets Possible December Meta Found

Super Auto Pets Screenshot
Super Auto Pets Screenshot / Photo via Team Wood Games / Steam

Super Auto Pets is a game where players can choose animals out of their roster to fight for them automatically. Each animal has unique abilities so players should be careful on choosing exactly who they want on their team.

Players seem to have found a meta for December following the Nov. 22 update.

Many seem to believe the Duck character is the best in this most recent update, with player Northernlion calling the game a "Duck world."

He said, "Look, we lost to ducks, it's understandable. It happens from time to time."

Super Auto Pets Possible December Meta Found

When playing Super Auto Pets, the player has to be very careful of who they've got on their team.

To make an almost impossible-to-beat team, the front pet should the best pet the player has on the team. It should have a lot of health and attack points.

Many tend to believe that the best pets for December will be the ducks, which means you have to reroll for Ducks constantly. This will cost a lot of gold.

Below, you can find a video showing off the best way to do the Duck strategy in Super Auto Pets.

In it, SubOptimal stated, "I would say on average you get about three Ducks on the first two rounds and I think if you get three, it's definitely worth it."