Super Kirby Clash Online: How to Play Multiplayer

Super Kirby Clash Online allows you to play the new Kirby game with up to three friends. The game also feature couch co-op (local multiplayer), allowing you to play with multiples Switches or even just off of one console.

To play Super Kirby Clash online, you and your friends will all need a Nintendo Switch Online account. Go to the Quest Board and go to Party Quests. You can find a room to join, host your own or look up friends that have been registered with your Switch.

Super Kirby Clash Online

An online membership costs $3.99 USD for one month, $7.99 for three months and $19.99 for the year. You'll also get a catalog of NES SNES games you can play while you are a member.

It's not a bad deal, especially if you're interested in playing some of Nintendo's free to start options like Super Kirby Clash or Tetris 99.

Super Kirby Clash is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Photo courtesy of HAL Laboratory