Super Kirby Clash Passwords

Super Kirby Clash Passwords will give you an early boost for the new multiplayer Kirby game. While the game just came out, there are some passwords you can use already. Here are some of the passwords you can enter to unlock various items.

Super Kirby Clash Passwords

SUPERKIRBYCLASH will net you 50 of each Fire, Water and Light fragments. It will also get you 10 Gem Apples.

GEMAPPLES will get you- you guessed it- 10 more Gem Apples.

Note that these passwords will only work in the North American/European versions of the game. In past Kirby team up games, the passwords have had time limits to use. It is unknown how long these two passwords will be active for, so use them sooner than later.

Super Kirby Clash is the latest in the Kirby franchise, and is free to start. It is a multiplayer game that has you and up to three friends fight boss enemies. Each player picks a job/class and each will contribute to the team in a different way. It's kind of like a Kirby Monster Hunter, complete with weapon and armor crafting systems.

Photo courtesy of HAL Laboratory.