Super Mario Bros. Wonder Flowers Cursing Mod Removed

Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Super Mario Bros. Wonder / Nintendo

Nintendo always advertises the Nintendo Switch as a family-friendly console. The company values its wholesome reputation, which makes it great for people of all ages. That's why Nintendo didn't hesitate to crack down on a Super Mario Bros. Wonder mod that went too far.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Flowers Cursing Mod Removed

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo is removing a modification that makes the Talking Flowers curse. Contendo, a modder and X poster that makes Nintendo memes, shared a video of the mod in action on social media. The clip showed a flower saying, "F**k you!" after Mario passed it.

As of writing, the video is no longer up. Nintendo was quick to take it off the platform with a copyright strike.

Players may wonder how it's possible to put mods in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It's all thanks to emulators. In short, they are programs that allow players to run software from a different platform on a computer. In this case, an emulator makes Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a Nintendo Switch game, playable on PC. That means players can now put mods in the title.

Mods are typically for making games more aesthetically pleasing and making gameplay more enjoyable. However, Nintendo is well known for its hatred towards them. This is due to the gaming company's desire to preserve its wholesome reputation. Modifications leave room for that to go downhill quickly.

Players into mods should check out games by Bethesda Game Studios and Electronic Arts! Both companies are very open to the community modifying their games.