Super Mario RPG Best Bonus Stats

Super Mario RPG is here!
Super Mario RPG is here! / Nintendo

The wait for the highly anticipated Super Mario RPG Remake finally ended on Nov. 17. Newcomers and fans of the 1996 original can dive into the title with beautiful graphics, new cutscenes, and more.

Many players are curious about which bonus stats are best for each character in Super Mario RPG, and we’re here to help.

Super Mario RPG Best Bonus Stats

Super Mario RPG allows players to choose one of three bonus stats every time they level up a character. These stats are Physical, HP, and Magic.

Physical shows a character’s Attack and Defense.
HP shows a character's max level.
Magic indicates a character’s Magic Attack and Defense.

The best bonus stats for someone depends on each playable character's initial stats and strengths. Players can find the best level-up stats for each individual below.

Mario: Most people agree that Mario is best at dealing damage. I’d focus on leveling up this strength.
Mallow: Magic is the best stat to level up for Mallow.
Geno: Geno is special since he excels at Magic and Physical.
Bowser: This brute is best at attacking, so I’d level up his Physical attribute.
Peach: Level up Peach’s Magic ability.

Of course, these aren’t the only choices required to win the game. They’re only suggestions that were most helpful to others. Leveling up characters based on personal preferences and playstyle is okay, too.

Some players may want to focus on making characters well-rounded instead of playing to their strengths. For example, Peach starts with low HP; therefore, it makes sense for players to level up her HP before anything else.