Super Mario RPG Hidden Chest Mushroom Kingdom

A classic gets a gorgeous remake.
A classic gets a gorgeous remake. / Nintendo

Super Mario RPG has secret chests that are invisible. Each one requires players to jump in a specific position to unlock them. There are 39 hidden treasure chests sprinkled throughout Super Mario RPG, and it can be annoying to look for each one. 

Many players are having trouble finding the chests in the Mushroom Kingdom. Here’s a helpful guide to ease their pain.

Super Mario RPG Hidden Chest Mushroom Kingdom

There are three hidden treasure chests in the Mushroom Kingdom. Players must go to the Mushroom Kingdom’s Item Shop and the castle to find them.

The Castle Hallway Hidden Chest

This one is easy to miss. When you walk into the castle, there will be a door at the end of a hall that leads to the throne room. Wait near the door until Toad walks near it. Then, jump on the little guy’s head onto the platform above the door. Finally, stand in the middle of the ledge and jump up.

The Item Shop Basement Hidden Chest #1

The first chest in the basement of the Item Shop is easy to find since the old Taod tells you where it is. 

Talk to the Toad, and he’ll tell players to stand before him and jump in place. The secret treasure chest will show. The old Toad will also give players the Signal Ring, which lets them know if there’s a chest nearby. This event will only happen to gamers playing the Super Mario RPG Remake, not the SNES version.

The Item Shop Basement Hidden Chest #2

The second chest is close by. Players must wait until the old Toad wanders to the far right corner of the basement. Once he’s there, players just have to jump on the Toad’s head and jump again to reveal the chest.

Is Super Mario RPG Voucher Eligible?

Super Mario RPG used to be voucher eligible for pre-order before it was officially released. Players can no longer redeem vouchers to purchase the game. 

Buyers can usually tell if a game is voucher eligible by looking under the picture section of a title.

The physical and digital versions of Super Mario RPG are available for purchase via the Nintendo website.