Super Smash Bros and Overwatch Collide in Revamped Workshop Creation

Super Smashwatch V2 is now available
Super Smashwatch V2 is now available / Nintendo, via u/ajfis3

Super Smashwatch, the mashup of Overwatch and Super Smash Bros. created in the former's Workshop, has returned with an improved version of the game.

Super Smashwatch creator u/ajfis3 reappeared on the Overwatch subreddit Friday to share Super Smashwatch V2. The new version sports a laundry list of improvements.

The game's startup sequence now tells players who has yet to select their hero, the camera system and servers have been greatly stabilized, the controls have been improved and simplified, and the ability to heal players has been added to the game.

There are 14 total playable maps, many with unique platform arrangements in the spirit of Super Smash Bros. Sigma and Doomfist have joined the cast of playable heroes, and a new Smash Ball feature allows heroes to activate Final Smash ability, as in Smash Ultimate.

Players looking to try the mode for themselves can find the most up-to-date Super Smashwatch V2 code here.