Surf Rider Fortnite Skin: How Much Does it Cost?

Surf Rider Fortnite Returns
Surf Rider Fortnite Returns / Image courtesy of Epic Games

Surf Rider Fortnite Skin is back in the item shop for fans who might've missed out on purchasing it in the past.

Most skins in Fortnite are released and then replaced with a new one in the item shop after a short while. They later make an appearance again for players to purchase once again if they missed out the first time around..

The Surf Rider skin has returned to Fortnite after last being seen on Nov. 16.

Surf Rider Fortnite Skin Returns

The Surf Rider Fortnite skin has returned and is currently available for 1,200 V-Bucks in the item shop.

After purchasing the skin, you can then receive attachments, which are cosmetics that come with the skin. The cosmetic with the Surf Rider skin is a back bling called Shortwave. It features a backpack combined with what appears to be a cooler, and a shortwave radio on the side.

The skin is featured in the Aqua Marine set, which also has the Wake Rider skin, Piranhas and Dual Filet harvesting tools and the Wetsuit weapon and vehicle wrap.