Surtr Sword AC Valhalla: How to Get

How to wield the Surtr Sword in AC Valhalla.
How to wield the Surtr Sword in AC Valhalla. / Photo by Ubisoft

Surtr Sword AC Valhalla is a new weapon you can grab in the Helix Store or at Reda's Shop this week. The sword is based on the legendary one used to wage war against the gods during Ragnorak. Now, you can wield Surtr's fearsome flaming sword in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Surtr Sword AC Valhalla: How to Get

The sword itself is a Two Handed Mythical Great Sword. It has an added ability that deals more damage when it's ignited.

To ignite the sword, you'll need the Fire Strike ability. You can get this by bringing Hytham six Order Medallions.

The sword's strength is unlocked when you can dual wield two handed weapons with the Heavy Dual Wield ability from the Bear Skill tree. You'll be able to apply the damage buff when ignited to your secondary weapon, and vice versa. This makes the Surtr Sword extremely efficient at taking down enemies when paired with another weapon.

The Surtr Sword also comes fully upgraded when you buy it from the shop, so you'll be ready to roll as soon as you acquire it. There are a lot of weapons in the game, so you'l have to decide if you value the idea of conquering your enemies with a flaming great sword.