Swampert Pokemon GO: Best Moveset to Use

Photo by Niantic

Pokemon GO has lots of terrifying strong Pokemon in the meta. With the Season 9 Ultra League beginning soon, many Trainers are looking to obtain and build the game’s most powerful Pokemon to duke it out. Among them is Swampert, and here's the best moveset to use.

As one of the best Pokemon currently in the meta, Swampert is an absolute beast. First introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire as the final form of Mudkip, this Water/Ground Pokemon has stood the test of time with its unique typing and wide range of moves. Its power has been perfectly translated into Pokemon GO, and it’s risen to the top, especially with its frequent appearance in the Ultra League.

Swampert Pokemon GO: Best Moveset to Use

Swampert’s best moveset is one that can be used for both attacking and defending, so it’s pretty adaptable. For its Quick Move, teach Swampert Mud Shot, as its effectiveness against five different types makes it a good way to deal quick damage. For its Charge Move, it’s best to teach Swampert Hydro Cannon. While it’s not the highest damaging move by itself, its DPS is terrifyingly strong.

Keep in mind that Hydro Cannon is an Elite TM, so it’s recommended that Trainers use it on Swampert to get this beast as quickly as possible.

To obtain a Swampert is not that difficult, considering that they can be found in the wild. When captured, they can easily be built into an Ultra League-killing machine. Swamperts can also be obtained by evolving a Mudkip into a Marshtomp, and then into a Swampert. All three stages of this evolution line can be found in the wild.

Swampert is now available for players to capture in the game.