Symmetra and Bastion Duo Decimate Enemy Overwatch Team

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Whether players believe he takes no skill, is too suppressive in bunker compositions, or just think the Omni's magazine is seemingly endless, many Overwatch fans despise Bastion.

Nevertheless, players still rely on Bastion in various defensive compositions. Used in conjunction with other healers and tanks, Bastion poses a massive threat to an attackers’ frontline. This Reddit clip from user Unknown0360 demonstrates Bastion's synergy with a fellow DPS which only serves to amplify Bastion’s threat level.

Bastion-Symmetra Teleporter Play: Why did it work?

Here Bastion sets up on the second point of Hanamura watching the choke point at the main entrance. He also has a teleporter to the high ground allowing him to watch the stairs toward left flank. The high ground also positions him behind the enemy team should they chose to push through the main entrance and onto the bridge, just in front of second point. 

Bastion Symmetra teleporter flank strategy on Hanamura
Reddit user Unknown0360 uses a Symmetra teleport to get behind the attackers / Photo courtesy of Reddit user Unknown0360/Blizzard Entertainment

By using Symmetra’s teleporter, the defenders have effectively stopped the attack before it even started. They also pinched the main entrance as Bastion is able to shut down the push by sitting right in front of the team or by teleporting up top and shooting the attackers in the back.

It's important to note that Bastion is able to sustain through two sources of healing. First, and less prevalent, is Bastion's ability to self-heal for a limited duration. Secondly, and where the majority of Bastion's healing comes from, is the Mercy pocket. Mercy is continously flying towards Bastion with healing to ensure the Omnic is always at, or close to, full health. When the healing is not necessary, Mercy switches her staff to a damage boost. The boost allows Bastion to tear through the attacking forces even quicker. No matter which beam Mercy uses on Bastion, it only allows the DPS to be even more suppressive in shutting down the enemy attack.

Los Angeles Gladiators Bastion bunker composition in Overwatch League
The Los Angeles Gladiators run a Bastion bunker composition in the Overwatch League / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Bastion-Symmetra duo even has potential outside of how it's used in the clip. The strategy could strengthen the bunker compositions, especially if teammates are running double-shield. By using Symmetra's teleporters, defenders can just teleport to a different spot and set up all over again when the attackers break their bunker set-up. By continuing this teleportation cycle, defenders can make their bunker strategy even more difficult to beat.

Players should watch out as this viable strategy could see an uptick in play and make Bastion even more prevalent.