Syndicate Sundays Warzone Grand Final Results

Syndicate Sundays Warzone: Grand Final Results are out!
Syndicate Sundays Warzone: Grand Final Results are out! / Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Syndicate Sundays Warzone grand final results are out, and what an exciting end it was! The grand final between #TeamShivFPS representing Team UK and #TeamHusKerrs representing Team USA. Each team has five games to play where their three best point tallies from those games were matched up with each other to see who would win the $50,000 first place prize.

Syndicate Sunday Warzone Grand Final Results

Going into the fifth game, Team USA was safely in the lead with a score of 158 while Team UK's score was 151, meaning Team UK would have to make up a seven kill defect in their final game. The least Team UK needed to do was drop 50 kills in their final game and hope that Team USA's game didn't break into their best top three.

Dropping 58 kills in their last game, Team UK was able to play an insane final game to win the Grand Finals by a grand total of two points!.What gave them an edge? With three enemies left in the game, the enemies bought a teammate back into the game giving #TeamShivFPS four possible kills, and they got all of them.

This was a wonderfully exciting competition over the past three weeks, and hopefully another exciting tournament like this one comes our way soon.