Synthoceps Destiny 2: Where to Get

Where to get some Synthocpes in Destiny 2.
Where to get some Synthocpes in Destiny 2. / Photo by Bungie, Inc

Synthoceps Destiny 2 is a set of Exotic Titan Gauntlets you can get in random drops in Destiny 2. The Synthoceps are a favorite among Titan players, even after the melee nerf.

If you want to minimize the chance, there are a few places they're known to appear more frequently. Here's where to look to get your hands on (or in) some Synthoceps.

Synthoceps Destiny 2: Where to Get

You might get Synthoceps from PVE or PVP activities and Weekly Powerful Gear. It's also known to appear in the quest Shaxx’s Call to Arms or in the post-story quests that give Exotic Engrams.

You can also buy Synthoceps from Xur, but his stock changes every time you talk to him. Overall, you're still relying on a bit of luck if you want to pull this powerful piece of equipment. Shaxx's Call to Arms seems to be the easiest way to get some Synthoceps.

Synthoceps grant a few abilities. Biotic Enhancements increase your melee lunge range and improves damage when facing at least three enemies. It will also improve your reload speed on Kinetic weapons, increase grenade throw distance, increase Resilience and give a chance to drop Special ammo on kills.