Tactical SMG Fortnite: Fan-Favorite Weapon Returns in Patch 10.30

Tactical SMG Fortnite has finally been unvaulted! After being leaked in the trailer for Season X, we've finally been given back our beloved Tactical SMG in the latest update.

Tactical SMG Fortnite: The Fan-Favorite Weapon is Back

The Tactical SMG was vaulted in Season 5, and showed up for just one day during the 14 Days of Summer event earlier this year. Although, as of the 10.30 update, it makes its triumphant return. It will replace the Burst SMG.

The Epic level Tactical SMG has the highest damage output in the game, clocking in at 260 DPS.

The Burst SMG was on a decline, with several nerfs leading up to this update before being totally replaced by the Tactical SMG.

Epic Games seems to be figuring out how they want SMGs to function in the game, as we've had numerous balance issues with them. Hopefully, the beloved Tactical SMG is here to stay for a while.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games.