Take Out 3 Pipes in Mario Kart Tour: Reddit Guide Solves Difficult Challenge

Take Out 3 Pipes in Mario Kart Tour is a difficult challenge in the new game, but thanks to Reddit, there's a guide that shows how to complete it.

Reddit user TerraPlays has figured out an unusual strategy to take out the pipes. Their technique involves driving as poorly as you possibly can to set up a situation where you can take out some pipes. Here are the steps by TerraPlays:

Take Out 3 Pipes in Mario Kart Tour: Reddit Guide

  1. Select SNES Mario Circuit 1

  2. Choose a character with 3 items (or 2, if you don't have any, but it'll be harder)

  3. Choose the lowest speed vehicle (this is important for sandbagging)

  4. Choose a ++ item luck glider (this increases the chance that we get the item we want)

  5. Choose 50cc (easier to hit pipes this way)

  6. Start, and hold down the accelerator during the countdown so you burn out.

  7. Drift in the opposite direction of the track until you're in 6th or 7th place, and try to stay there. It's hard, so do your best to drive as poorly as you can. Make sure you never get sparks, and hop as much as possible.

  8. Immediately use all items except for Mega Mushrooms.

  9. Once you get a mega, disable auto items in the settings menu. 10. Wait for the section of the track where there's two pipes on the right half of the track, and run over them. If executed perfectly, you can hit 3 pipes with one mega.

  10. Repeat. This will probably take six tries, depending on your luck with items.

If done correctly, you should be able to complete the Take Out 3 Pipes in a Single Race challenge. The 10 Pipe challenge is cumulative, so you would just have to do this until you get all 10.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo.