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Take Out Your Friends in a Virtual Game of Dodgeball in Knockout City's Closed Cross-Play Beta This April

Knockout City lets you take out your friends in a game of powered-up dodgeball.
Knockout City lets you take out your friends in a game of powered-up dodgeball. / Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) announced that its upcoming virtual boosted-up form of dodgeball game Knockout City will have a closed beta later this spring during Sony's State of Play on Thursday.

We've talked a little about it before, but far from just being virtual dodgeball (look, headlines can only be so long), Knockout City offers special abilities through the map and through special dodgeballs. For example, there's the sniper ball, which allows you to lock onto targets. There are also hamster-tube-like massive tunnels that allow you to transport rapidly from one end of the map to another. Oh yeah, and the map shrinks like in Fortnite, ensuring every moment of the dodgeball game is intensifying.

Knockout City looks like it could be a fun way to vent your frustrations with your friends. And since it's going to be on basically every platform (sorry Mac users) later this spring and is cross-play compatible, that could very likely work. Check out the action in the gameplay trailer below for yourself to see what I mean.

Knockout City's closed cross-play beta is taking place April 2 to 4. Sign-up to participate and help developer Velan Studios work out any bugs ahead of launch right here while you still can!

Knockout City is set for release this May for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.