Tallneck Locations in Horizon Forbidden West Listed

Courtesy of Guerilla Games / Screenshot: @MdeavorVP

Searching for Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West? Here's what you need to know.

Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West are located in six different areas around the map. After finding them and ascending to the peak, players can interact with them. Upon completing the short interaction, new icons will appear on the map, showing new creatures, quests, and characters in that area.

The six locations are as follows:

  • The Cinnabar
  • The Stillsands
  • The Shining Wastes
  • Salt Bite
  • The Stand of the Sentinels
  • Landfall

Tallneck Locations in Horizon Forbidden West Listed

The Tallneck locations are essentially the highest point of each zone, normally in the middle of the zone and can be located via the icon on the map.

The Cinnabar Tallneck is located behind the satellite dish in the zone. Start by shooting the locks off of the ladder and start the ascent to the top of the tower. Follow the ladders, make your way to the ledge and grab the Power Cell. After inserting the Power Cell into the generator, interact with the console, and climb back to the top. Finally, glide over to the Tallneck and interact with it.

The Stillsands Tallneck is located by the destroyed machine in the center of the zone. The goal of this one is to scan the area to see the weak points of the Tallneck. By shooting the scanned locations with Ballista, weights will be attached. Simply, attach the weights, climb to the neck of the Tallneck, and override it.

The Shining Wastes Tallneck is completed during The Wings of Ten questline, and cannot be done before then.

The Salt Bite Tallneck is a "secret" location, located in the IOTA Cauldron. All players must do is complete the IOTA Cauldron and the Tallneck will be completed automatically.

The Stand of the Sentinels location is also in the center of the zone. This Tallneck location is started by gliding over to the yellow edges and climbing the rope that leads to the ladders. Once at the top ledge, wait for the Tallneck to walk close, grab onto it and swing yourself over to the higher ledges. From there, climb the higher platforms to the peak, wait for the Tallneck to circle back around, and jump on top.

The Landfall location starts underwater, where players will see two missing objects needed. Climb to the two bird's nests and loot the objects, return underwater and insert the object. The Tallneck will rise and all players have to do is jump on.

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