Tarkov 12.12.30 Patch Notes

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What changed in the Tarkov 12.12.30 patch?

Escape from Tarkov has become a cult classic, that includes an ultra realistic first-person shooter experience. The game is also a battle royale, with loadouts carrying over from each game.

Tarkov was originally released 5 years ago, and has stayed in early access since then, and has received few updates during its time. Despite this, the game has a strong following, with big-name streamers such as Dr. Disrespect who consistently praise and stream the game.

Recently though, the developers revealed that a new patch will be released today on June 29, after the games five hour down time.

Tarkov 12.12.30 Patch Notes

Some of the additions the massive new patch will include:

  • Added three new bosses – the commanders of the ex-USEC PMC group known as Rogues. The leader of the gang is Knight, who coordinates the actions of the entire group and specializes in assault operations. Birdeye maintains distance between him and the enemy, setting up ambushes and choosing positions with a clear line of sight to the area. Big Pipe prefers the grenade launcher and serves the role of massive firepower in battle and always rushes towards the enemy to reach combat distance.
  • Expanded the Lighthouse location – added the ability to visit the island where the lighthouse is located, and also added new interiors inside the water treatment plant facility complex.
  • Added offline cooperative game mode. This game mode is only available to players who purchased the Edge of Darkness pre-order edition.
  • The number of players in a group for the co-op mode has been increased and depends on the maximum number of players in the selected location.
  • Reworked the movement animations
  • Added daily tasks for Player Scavs. The tasks will be given out by Fence once a day, and will be available after building the Intelligence Center in the Hideout, regardless of the PMC character level.

The new update also added new weapons, updated graphics, improvements to the HUD and game physics. The patch will also completely wipe players inventory, meaning everyone will start from scratch.

With tons of new content being added to Tarkov, fans will have plenty of things to look forward to after the patch goes live.