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Team Ninja Announces Rise of the Ronin at State of Play

Rise of the Ronin in-development screenshot.
Rise of the Ronin in-development screenshot. / Courtesy of Team Ninja

The next game from Team Ninja has been revealed — Rise of the Ronin.

Announced as a new action-RPG, Rise of the Ronin is the latest project from Nioh and Ninja Gaiden developers Team Ninja. The upcoming game was revealed as part of yesterday's State of Play presentation, along side its first trailer.

Director and President of Team Ninja, Fumihiko Yasuda described the game as "a combat focused open-world action RPG that takes place in Japan at a time of great change." Set in the late 19th century, players take control of a Ronin character during a time when civil war rages throughout Japan. A number of weapons will be available at the player's disposal, including Katanas and new firearm weaponry of the time.

"By harnessing all the skills and knowledge we’ve gained over the years we really wanted to take things to the next level by attempting to thoroughly portray the most critical revolution in the history of Japan including the darkest and ugliest chapters that many will shy away from."

"This is undoubtedly the most ambitious and challenging project for Team Ninja Studio to date," Yasuda said. "Yet we will allow our experience in creating samurai and ninja action games to guide us through this journey."

The trailer confirmed that Rise of the Ronin will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive, set to release sometime in 2024.