Team SoloMid Sign Brax to Valorant Roster

TSM sign brax as sixth member of Valorant roster
TSM sign brax as sixth member of Valorant roster / Photo by Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid signed Braxton "brax" Pierce as the sixth member of its Valorant roster. The 24-year-old American joins TSM after being released from T1 back in early February. While brax and TSM have been connected for nearly two months now, an official agreement has officially been made.

Although brax has been competing in Valorant since it was known as Project A, he initially made a name for himself in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Competing under the gamer tag "swag," he proved to be one of the most promising young talents in the game while playing with teams such as compLexity Gaming and iBUYPOWER. While with iBUYPOWER in 2015, he was part of a controversial match-fixing scandal that resulted in him and six other individuals being indefinitely banned from Valve events.

On Wednesday, TSM officially signed brax to fill out their six-man Valorant roster. It is unsure how TSM will manage their lineup with six players, but it is believed that they will utilize their full roster and make rotations according to the map. TSM signing brax as their sixth player indicates that the American powerhouse is further committing to the world's fasting growing esport.

Brax was one of the first Counter-Strike players to retire in favor of switching to Valorant in early 2020. He was signed by T1 in March 2020 and was with the team for nearly a year before they began to struggle in 2021. T1 signaled that they were ready for change when they signed Timothy "autimatic" Ta last February and released brax just days later.

While TSM had something of a dominant year in 2020, they have struggled early in 2021. After claiming a staggering eight 1st-place finishes last year, they have only one top 4 finish so far this year. While signing brax is no sign of panic, it does show that TSM is doubling down on their commitment to excellence.

TSM will look to turn their fortunes around in the Valorant Champions Tour with a fully stacked roster.