Team SoloMid has announced it plans to start both Jonathan "Grig" Armao and Matthew "Akaadian" Higginbotham on its LCS roster in the summer split, while Mingyi "Spica" Lu will join as jungler for the TSM Academy team.

In an update posted Sunday, Team SoloMid explained it had planned to start Grig in the jungle coming into the 2019 League of Legends season, but was prevented when he reported pain in his wrist that worsened over the course of the offseason. Akaadian was promoted from the Academy team to cover during the diagnostic and recovery process.

By the time Grig had recovered enough to play, TSM felt it was too late to bring him back into the lineup, especially as Akaadian had integrated well into the roster. As a result, Grig finished out the split on the Academy roster.

The summer split will see both players in the starting jungler position. TSM has yet to decide how best to leverage this plan, so exactly when each player will step onto the Rift remains unclear.

Spica will fill the hole in the Academy roster left by Grig's departure.

Team SoloMid ended the spring split regular season in third place before finishing second in playoffs.

Photo courtesy of Team SoloMid