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Teamfight Tactics Demon Build Tips

Teamfight Tactics Demon builds are difficult to pull off, but they're a fun way to experience Riot Games' Auto Chess game. Here's a general breakdown of what you need to bear in mind when building a Demon list:

Demon Build Tips

The following Champions are all Demons:
Varus (T2 Demon/Ranger)
Elise (T2 Demon/Shapeshifter)
Morgana (T3 Demon/Sorcerer)
Evelynn (T3 Demon/Assassin)
Aatrox (T3 Demon/Blademaster)
Brand (T4 Demon/Elementalist)
Swain (T5 Demon/Imperial/Shapeshifter)

Image Courtesy of Riot Games
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Demons are a bit of a late-game strat — Varus and Elise are Tier 2 units while all other demons range from Tier 3-5. Riot did recently change the drop chances for higher tier champions, but it's still unlikely to get them early. That means you aren't especially likely to get them early, so you'll want to transition into them later.

If you're thinking of building Demons, take note of two things: you don't need to go all-in on six Demons to make a Demon build work, and you want to pick up Demons whose classes synergize with champions you're already buying. If you need help remembering synergies, consult a synergy chart.

Swain, Brand, and Morgana are the strongest Demons for their costs and they have excellent classes. Demon Shapeshifter builds are easy to pull off in the late game since both Elise and Swain are Shapeshifters. Elementalist builds can give your Demon list a front line tank, while Demon Sorcerer lists allow you to burn your enemies' mana to ensure that you get your spells off and they don't get theirs.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games