Teamfight Tactics download is necessary for trying out the new Auto Chess-like game by Riot Games. The League of Legends version of the game isn't fully open to the public yet, but here are the steps you can take for a shot at testing the game.

Teamfight Tactics Download: How to Download TFT

Teamfight Tactics is currently in beta, restricting its availability to the Public Beta Environment. Only players with access to the PBE can play it. Players must have a League of Legends account with an honor level of 3 and free of bans or restrictions to log into the PBE.

Once those requirements are met, head to the Riot Games support page and look for the header "Where can I download the PBE client?" Find the link in question and get to downloading.

Once the PBE's installed, you should be able to try out Teamfight Tactics through the PBE client.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games