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Teamfight Tactics Hextech Champions: Everything You Need to Know

Teamfight Tactics Hextech champions will be hitting the live servers soon — possibly with Patch 9.16. Here's a quick rundown of the four new Hextech champions and the new Hextech class bonus.

Teamfight Tactics Hextech Origin

The four new Hextech champions are:

Camille — 1 cost, Hextech/Blademaster
Jayce — 2 cost, Hextech/Shapeshifter
Jinx — 4 cost, Hextech/Gunslinger
Vi — 3 cost, Hextech/Brawler

Image Courtesy of Riot Games
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

When you have at least 2 Hextech champions, you'll begin every fight by throwing a disabling bomb onto a random enemy with items. That enemy, and any of their allies around them, will have their items completely disabled. If you have just 2 Hextech champions, their items are disabled for 5 seconds, but if you have 4, you can disable enemy items for a whopping 15 seconds.

All of the new champions are looking great on the Public Beta Environment. Not only do they open up Hextech builds to counter item-dependent teams, but they'll help pad out other powerful builds, like Shapeshifters and Gunslingers.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games