Teamfight Tactics hotkeys are the quickest and easiest way to perform the various commands you need to execute to take home a win. The game can be played without hotkeys, and memorizing these hotkeys can be a pain, but it will pay off in the long term as you execute commands faster than ever.

Teamfight Tactics Hotkeys: Commands You Need to Know

  • D: Refresh the Champion Store. (Costs two gold per refresh)
  • F: Purchases XP to level up your team. Higher levels allow for larger teams.
  • W: Deploys or benches the selected champion. More useful for benching than deploying, as it doesn't allow for careful positioning.
  • E: Sell the selected champion to the store.
  • 1 and 3: Used to cycle through opponent's boards. 1 will go to the next board, 3 to the previous.
  • CTRL + 1-4: Makes your Little Legend perform an emote.
  • 2 or Spacebar: Re-centers the camera on your Little Legend.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games