Teamfight Tactics items cheat sheet Scarra, created by League of Legends personality, William "Scarra" Li, is a hot commodity.

The item cheat sheet is crucial for anyone who has not memorized what items go together to create each finished item.

Scarra's cheat sheet shows players the base item at the top and the items they add to it below. On the right users can find the finished item and its abilities.

Teamfight Tactics Items Cheat Sheet Scarra: Everything You Need to Know

Items in Teamfight Tactics are crucial to besting opponents. Players can collect them in both the rounds when you do not fight other players and on the carousel.

Once you have put an item on a champion though, you can not take it off unless you sell that League of Legends champion. This means that saving items for specific finished items that complement your strategy will have a better overall outcome.

Scarra also created another cheat sheet based on champion origins, classes and synergy.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games