Teamfight Tactics Long Queue Times: What to Do About Them

Teamfight Tactics long queue times are preventing players from playing the game. TFT officially launched in the North American region yesterday, but Riot Games has been throttling the queue to play, leading to some pretty incredible waiting periods. Players have taken to Reddit and Twitter with screenshots of queues up to an hour long.

Why are there such long queue times in Teamfight Tactics?

It turns out that they're no accident. The queue times are a part of the temporary restrictions that Riot is using to prevent server issues during TFT's launch. After all, a longer queue is better than a server crash.

Riot shared a bit more comprehensive information about their temporary restrictions on the League of Legends developer blog, where they also explain why features like Practice Mode and Custom Lobbies are mostly unavailable this week.

If you're planning on testing out TFT any time this week, be sure you have something to do while you wait — and don't miss it when the queue pops.

Cover Image Courtesy if Riot Games.