Teamfight Tactics mobile release date is on the minds of many of its players. On the surface, the games (as the genre more generally) seems a natural fit for the small screen and touch controls. Here’s where developer Riot Games stands on the question.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile Release Date: What We Know

Though Riot Games is already working on a mobile version of League of Legends, it has yet to announce plans to follow Valve’s example with Dota Underlords and begin development on a mobile Teamfight Tactics.

In a Reddit AMA, Riot Games UX design manager Ed “SapMagic” Altorfer was careful in responding to the question of a mobile TFT.

“We aren’t ruling out anything,” he wrote, “including a mobile version of TFT at some point…having said that, right now we’re focused on getting the PC version right—with no compromises—first. That’s frankly where we have the most expertise and an existing player base.”

For now, mobile TFT remains under wraps.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games