Teamfight Tactics strategies are surprisingly varied for a game that's still in beta. Here we'll be dissecting a few core builds that will help you roll over opponents in your games.

These builds aren't guarantees on their own; you still have to manage your items and make use of the Carousel whenever it comes up. As always, the most important part of any Auto Chess game is adapting to the champions that you're offered each round. Rather than starting a game expecting to get one of these strategies, look for openings to build towards them.

Teamfight Tactics Strategies

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3 Pirate Rush:
Pirates let you build a quick economic lead even if you're losing your early rounds. The best way to get started here is to grab Pyke in the first Carousel, then pick up Graves and Gangplank as soon as possible. Get 50 gold as quickly as possible and try to stay above that point so you get even more extra income. Later, transition into Gunslingers.

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4 Wild & 3 Shapeshifters:
If there's a clear meta right now, it's this. 4 Wild allows your entire army to attack incredibly fast, while the Shapeshifters synergy makes your board incredibly difficult to clear. Ideal shapeshifters are: Nidalee, Shyvana, and Gnar. Since Gnar and Nidalee are both Wild Shapeshifters, this build only takes 5 champions, easily freeing you up to go for additional synergies.

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3 Assassins & 3 Void:
This one's pretty straightforward and can be done with just 5 units, since Kha'Zix is a Void Assassin. The Void synergy reduces enemy armor by 50% while the Assassins synergy causes your assassins to crit for extra damage. This strat also lends itself to Brawlers, so you can easily throw in a Blitzcrank later.

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