Teamfight Tactics Synergy Chart is an important tool to optimize one's play throughout their time on the game.

Champions typically have two traits, an origin and a class, with the exception of Gnar and Gangplank. Gnar has two origins, Wild and Yordle, while Gangplank has two classes, Gunslinger and Blademaster.

League of Legends personality, William "Scarra" Li, created a very easy to use and information guide.

Teamfight Tactics Synergy Chart: Everything You Need to Know

This cheat sheet focuses on the synergies by showing what champions fall under what origins and classes. The cheat sheet also will tell you exactly what each synergy does so you can easily judge whether or not that synergy is worth any sacrifices you might have to make in order to gain that bonus.

Scarra created an additional cheat sheet based around items. Master both champion synergy and items in Teamfight Tactics by learning how to utilize both.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games