TeePee Warzone Tournament Results: Who Came Out on Top?

Rated and TheDezmond brought home first place in TeeP's Trials!
Rated and TheDezmond brought home first place in TeeP's Trials! | Image via @TylerTeeP on Twitter

TeePee Warzone tournament results have been anticipated for weeks, as fans look to see which power duo would take home the crown. Twitch streamer and Call of Duty World Champion, Tyler 'TeeP' Polchow, wrapped up another Warzone tournament on Aug. 4.

The tournament featured a massive $15,000 prize pool and a star-studded bracket featuring the likes of Nick "Nickmercs" Kolcheff, Kris "Swagg", Turner "Tfue" Tenney, Bradley "wuskin" Marshall, Richard "KingRichard" Nelson, and Liam "Jukeyz" James. While many Warzone tournaments have opted for some sort of parity, TeeP's Trials looked to pit the most powerful duos against each other and see who came out on top.

TeeP Warzone Tournament Results

Nickmercs and Swagg, perhaps the most popular duo in the event, dropped out of the winner's bracket fairly early along with Tfue and wuskin. KingRichard and Jukeyz jumped out to an early lead and earned a place in the Grand Finals without losing a map.

The duo of Rated and TheDezmond were wiped early with KingRichard and Jukeyz failing to collect enough kills to close out the finals and the bracket was reset as a result. After, the duo of Rated and TheDezmond came back to win the tournament and collect the largest portion of the prize pool at around $7,000. KingRichard and Jukeyz collected $5,000 for second place while Aydan & MuTeX got $2,000 for third and Symfuhny & HusKerrs brought in $1,000 for fourth.

The action resumes Aug. 5.