Following the removal of PUBG Mobile from the Chinese market, developer Tencent has introduced a sanitized, patriotic version of the game that has quickly reached the top of the charts in China.

The new title, called Game for Peace, became the most downloaded free game and top-grossing game in Apple's China App Store on Wednesday, according to data from Sensor Tower (h/t TechCrunch).

That's good news for Tencent, which stood to take a major revenue hit without PUBG Mobile. Where that game was never approved for monetization by the Chinese government, Game for Peace received such a license April 9.

Game for Peace's gameplay is almost identical to that of PUBG Mobile with a few compromises on violence. Characters don't bleed when shot, and rather than die, they kneel, produce a loot box and wave goodbye.

According to Reuters, analysts at China Renaissance estimated that Game for Peace could generate up to $1.48 billion in annual revenue.

Photo courtesy of Tencent