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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Announced at Game Awards

Leatherface is back in action.
Leatherface is back in action. / Photo courtesy of Gun Interactive/Sumo Nottingham

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was announced Thursday night at The Game Awards, the latest asymmetrical multiplayer horror game from developer Gun Interactive.

Gun's last project was an asymmetrical horror game based on Friday the 13th, so it seems a natural fit for this title. The studio stopped developing for Friday the 13th because of a dispute over the rights to the franchise, leaving it open to pick up where it left off with a new franchise as its foundation. Sumo Nottingham will publish the game.

The trailer premiered at The Game Awards gives little about the game away, but it does show Leatherface hard at work sawing up some captive victims — par for the course on this series.

Asymmetrical horror games often work in the mold of Dead By Daylight, in which a group of survivors tries to evade and outsmart a monstrous killer, working together toward escape, while that killer hunts them down. The specific twists on the formula that Texas Chain Saw Massacre plans to make are unknown. Ditto a release window, but it's possible the game will come out around the release of the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" film set for release in February.