TFT 11.12 PBE Update Brings Armory Changes

courtesy of Riot Games

New changes to Teamfight Tactics have been made in the recent 11.12 patch on PBE. The most notable difference is in the Armory system. We will be seeing Armory more often with more to offer.

Armory is a relatively new feature first introduced with the TFT: Reckoning series. It was a pop-up shop where players can select an item that includes both regular and shadow items.

Other minor updates of 11.12 PBE includes a URF Dowsie skin and new loots in collaboration with Bose and Kit Kat.

TFT 11.12 PBE Update Brings Armory Changes

The original Armory gave a choice between two items. As another choice to make in-game, players were able to engage with more complex decision making and also build more items for their champions.

Here are specific changes in Patch 11.12 PBE.

  • New Armories have a chance to drop on stage 3-2, 5-2, 6-2, 7-2, etc. 
  • All players will gain access to the Armories at the same time and there will be variation in contents (completed items, special items, emblems)
  • Players who survive to 5-6 stages should expect to see about 1-2 of these new Armories. However, there’s also a chance you won’t see any, even if you don’t take an 8th. 
  • In Hyper Roll these new and improved Armories only have a chance to appear at 4-1, 7-3, and 9-2.

Summing these up, normal TFT players will see Armory more often. There is a variation in content to choose off from. Those in Hyper Roll will have the regular Armories appear at the same rate, but the improved armories will be appearing more in late game.

With the Dr. Mundo rework, the official Patch 11.12 will be bringing changes to both the Summoner Rift and the Chess plate. The new patch will be something more worthy to wait for TFT players since it is something more than balance changes.